Welcome to Delhi Ledger R2I blog!

Lets start with a disclaimer – we’ve never blogged before and haven’t written regularly since college. Not withstanding this small detail, we’ll try and keep you entertained with a topic that has plagued Prashant’s mother-in-law for a long time – will we make it in India?

We pledge to you that we will not rest until we have satisfied the sadist in all of you with stories of our adventures in India – sharing all the morbid details of our frustrations, our pains and of how Meenal sobbed like a little girl. Sometimes, Prashant will tell you tales of his conquests of this spiritual land. You are free to use all the stories on this blog, posing it as your own, to appear greater than life to your grandchildren. If you use it in any other way – we will sue your ass in true American spirit.

Enjoy Delhi Ledger R2I moving to India blog!

Prashant & Meenal

Learn more about usMeenal Bagla & Prashant Jeloka in Bangkok, Thailand 2009

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