Vacation in Ladakh – Leh, Hunder, Pangong, Rafting, Hiking

Having heard so much about it, we vacationed in Ladakh in August. It may be the most beautiful place we’ve ever seen. If you go, please don’t litter – a big problem even in the remotest areas.

Ladakh, India Time Lapse (a bit short & amateurish)

If you are in India, instead of a video, you may see a note: Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders. You can read more about the Indian Government’s internet censorship.

Flash floods memorial service in Leh

The landscape of Ladakh in 7 pictures:

Clouds, moutains and shadows in Ladakh Streams of LadakhMountains converging. Ladakh, India.aMountains of LadakhSand dunes in LadakhLadakh's jagged mountains with snowSunset in HunderAnsel Jeloka


I love camping. The uninhabited mountains of Ladakh are ideal if you carry your own gear. Commercial tents are pricey at Rs.3500 per night. Look at this picture from the right of your screen and you’ll discover night clouds!

Cloud wisps and moonlit camping in Ladakh, India 2011

More mountains

The mountains around Leh were mostly rocky without any vegetation. But the snowcapped mountains were always in the distance. If you go to Pangong or Hunder, you will drive through passes 18,000 ft. high which occasionally have snow.



The mountains around Hunder have an eerie pattern and look like another planet when reflected against the water. The yellow streak is a moving truck’s headlight. 5:30 in the morning (hence the blue shade), 20 second delay, 3 picture panorama. Probably my best picture for 2011. Please click to enlarge.
Panaroma Sunrise in Hunder, August 2011

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