Terry Gross, Ira Glass and Peter Sagal – my car in India has NPR!

National Public Radio in IndiaPHOTO: Prashant Jeloka worships these NPR shows, even in India!

I can say with confidence that I will give up many food items before I give up NPR. Thankfully, my lean (and sexy) body will not need to become leaner (and sexier). My car in India now plays National Public Radio!

How can you do the same (even though World Space went bankrupt)?

  1. Get a car stereo with aux input
    I replaced the standard stereo in the car with a no-name model from a no-name store. Took 1 hour and $60 (Rs.3000) including installation. NPR in India - installing stereo with aux input
  2. Buy a 2 meter long aux cable (the electronic store Tata Croma sells them) for $6 (Rs.300)
    If you are wondering why 2 meters, you probably don’t have a chauffeur. The 2 m long cable reaches all the way in the back seat where the la-di-da people sit.
  3. Subscribe to your favorite podcasts using iTunes and sync your iPhone/iPod/Nano
  4. Connect the aux cable into the car stereo on one end and your iPhone/iPod/Nano on the other
  5. Rock on – Choose a 1 hour of podcasts for a 1 hour drive (Gurgaon to Delhi), 30 minutes podcasts for local commutes (Gurgaon to Gurgaon), All Songs Considered for shorter rides.

After pimping your car, please don’t forget to support your local NPR station.


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  1. Gurmail Gill,

    Good idea. However, why go to this trouble? Why not simply listen on your headphones or use small usb speakers? You could also simply stream it on your laptop/tablet using a cellular internet connection.

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