Signs of progress – Delhi Police towed and ticketed us

Traffic in India is not pretty. However, there are some instances when the Police actually do their job. Never before have I been overjoyed at being towed or ticketed.

R2I - Getting towed in Lajpat Nagar
PHOTO: Our ‘tourist taxi’ getting towed in Lajpat Nagar in December – one of the few places where parking rules are enforced. They let us go after we paid $9 (Rs.400) on the spot and got an official ticket (no bribe).

On another occasion, we cleverly waited on the side of the road for our friend’s plane to land about 1 Km before the Delhi airport. Within a minute Delhi Police pulled up and issued a $2.11 (Rs. 100) ticket. My driver suggested that we try and bribe the cop. Don’t worry – we didn’t.

Since no one has ever seen what a official traffic violation ticket in India looks like, here is ours:R2I - Ticket for illegal parking near airport

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