Scan and digitize physical pictures before moving to India

Prashant (extreme right) with his cousins in Bihar, IndiaCarrying boxes of valuable family pictures every time I moved was painful enough within the U.S. There was no way that I was going to haul such precious cargo for an international move. But I didn’t want to make love to a scanner for a month either.

Just then, I saw superhero David Pogue of the New York Times fly in carrying a sacred book that promised divine answers to all my problems. I flipped to ‘Scan my family photos’ and put all my faith in its solution…

Behold the Pogue! A couple of hundred dollars and a trip to the US Postal service later, I had everything digitized. My pictures had been saved for all future generations. Make merry, dance around, let the wine flow. Long live David Pogue!

How can you do the same? The magic solution on New York Times: Your Photos, Off the Shelf at Last, By DAVID POGUE Published: August 14, 2008

Update October 31, 2011
I also saw this recently (never used it though):

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