R2I highlights – 60 days after moving to India from USA

  • I bribed a traffic official $2.13 (Rs.100) at the airport to watch my car so I could run into the terminal and fetch my lost American friend
  • Meenal watched and graded the delivery of a baby (failing grade) as well as a sterilization (near perfect score) in a government hospital in rural Rajasthan
  • A grandmother in the labor room wished that her newborn granddaughter die leaving Meenal speechless. This was the fifth girl in the family as they had been trying to get a son.
  • Our $4000 car needed $650 (Rs.30,000) in major repairs due to a missing drain cover inside our apartment complex
  • We’ve visited family and friends in Mumbai (Bombay), Kolkata (Calcutta), Ajmer (Rajasthan) and several parts of Delhi and enjoyed most of it
  • We’ve learnt to drive on Delhi roads – send a confident ‘don’t cross’ message when you spot pedestrians, beware of vehicles bigger than you, and don’t take people cutting you off personally
  • When I want a glass of water, I have caught myself looking around for the housekeeper
  • We’ve attended several weddings – an experience so boring that I’m contemplating a complete ban on all future attendance
  • After we caught 2 rats in the air conditioning ducts, we’ve experienced no further visits a revisit from the rodent
  • We came very close to fatal traffic accident and each of the 5 passengers treated the incident as a minor annoyance


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  1. Jinsheen,

    ROFLOL. Highly entertaining. and somewhat inspiring. 😉 You guys are courageous for going home. 🙂

  2. Akshay Mathur,

    Yes… they say America seeps into you…. but India converts you. I know the feeling of looking out for someone to get me water!


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