Quality of life after R2I – Single car crash inside our luxury bubble

We were driving with the air conditioning brushing against our silky hair. Suddenly, we hear a BOOM CRANK HISS and we were stalled. WTF?

Quality of life after R2I - car crash


Our luxury condominium’s drains run through the middle of the road. The drain covers were so poorly fitted that when we drove over it, they simply gave way. The car fell 1 feet deep into the concrete drain and damaged the radiator, broke the bumper, and made the engine hiss.

It cost $300 (Rs. 14,000) to repair the radiator and the engine. Changing the bumper would have been another $250 (Rs.12,000) so we bolted on the old one, scratches and all. After 2 months of daily phone calls, threats of legal action and bad publicity, we recovered $300 from the apartment builders. Most people are surprised that the builders paid anything at all. Painfully, no remedial action has been taken to fix the drain covers.


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  1. Gurmail Gill,

    Well done. Pride in one’s work is a quality that is often missing in India. I am surprised they haven’t fixed the problem. Court cases take long to adjudicate but a letter from a lawyer might have done the trick as well.

  2. Gaurav V.,

    Yes very very surprised that you managed to squeeze anything from builder. Kudos to you killer ……

    • Prashant,

      Kudos to Meenal for being on their tail. The best threat we had was that we’d put up banners around our house advertising the incident to all prospective tenants. On the other hand, I’m sure they giggled when Meenal said that we’d sue them 🙂

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