One year later: The final verdict

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Final verdict

We are very glad to have made our India experiment happen. And now it is time to reflect. Is it going to be India or U.S. or some combination of both?

For those who are new here, we’d posted What will it take to make us like India after moving back almost a year ago.

Meenal and I have been having an internal discussion to come to a verdict. We don’t have the answer yet – the introspection and discussion is taking longer than I expected. Soon, we’ll update with the blog with our thinking, rationale and conclusion.


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  1. AA,

    Prashant. Namaste.
    stumbled across your “experiment” and haven’t read much yet. On it though.

    Living in NJ for 20 years now after having spent first 25 in Delhi.I am convinced there is no “going back” because the Delhi I left in ’95 is not there anymore. BUT. The idea still keeps bouncing in the head.

    Any chance u plan to come back to the site and close the open thread 🙂

    Thanks for compiling and sharing the detailed record.

  2. abhishek,

    when will you update the blog?

  3. Nimish,

    I came to your blog recently after googling “Return to India.” I am planning a similar move so I am very eager to know about your decision.

    • Prashant,

      Nimish, we’ve decided. I just replied to Guest before this comment.

      • Som,

        I found this website toda and have spent almost 1/2 hr trawling thru – must admit it is a personal record of patience. So you must be doing something good to get me glued in.
        Just to let you know, till recently I was in Deloitte UK and know a bit about Deloitte USI and also a few folks who were in India for a ‘assignment’ like you. My only comment would be you can never ‘go back’ unless you have taken the full plunge. You will eventually land back in US/UK after a ‘mid/short’ stint. It’s the economics and also another fact is children. assume you still don’t have any plans and it also matters how you see them grow up as a Individual and what ‘culture’ means for you.
        I am also toying with the big idea and home for me will be Kolkata – much worse than a delhi experiment, but heck will give it a go and take the full plunge hopefully soon….Can’t see the kids grow up as an ABCD or worse as an uptight Brit…BTW I lived in sunny Bay area for 2 years just after marriage. It was so beautiful and perfect that I got bored and went back to India and now by turn of things in UK

        Would be keeping an eye to know your final thoughts and comments

  4. Guest,

    Hey! Any updates of what you are deciding?

    • Prashant,

       Yes. Decided. Will update this article soon with the details.

      *Long term – USA is home. Thinking/reasons/rationale in the fuller article.
      *Short term – doesn’t matter anymore, will keep both going until it makes professional sense (it does currently). More details in the upcoming article.

  5. Haryan10,

    Hi Folks

    I am regularly following this blog and waiting to know your final decision which you were suppose to post after one year of your stay in India. I saw your last post in Nov 2011 saying you will give your final decision soon….when that soon is ? its been 2 months already.

    can you please dare to write your final decision or close this website.

    • Prashant,

      Hi Haryan,
      You are right that we should have updated by now and we haven’t forgotten. Since our professions will dictate a lot of it, we are trying to figure out a few things before we make a final choice. A bit too important to us to play ‘truth or dare’ with it so I’ll have to pass on your dare.

      • Viay,

        Dear Prashant, take your time. Albeit, I am really looking foward to what you decide, and more importantly WHY. I am planning my own R2I in a couple of years, so this website has been of immense help. Hope to hear more from you guys soon via ur blog updates. All the best -Vijay

  6. Sachse2009,

    Dear Whoever AB,You are entitled your comments and i respect that but I don’t think it is none of your business to have any say in their decision and it their life and let them decide and  your choice of words are very inexplicable.
    Who are you to say and it is their prerogative to live where they want. to.
    Please refrain from using any language that may sound like racism

    Siva E

  7. AB,

    Please return to the US. I hate Americans like you who come to our country but cannot adjust to Indians and see no value in what the host country has to offer. I dont think you can be assimilated into India. Please return to your home country. 

    Btw, you would have liked it better if you had remembered that India is NOT your country. Just because you have brown skin does not mean you are Indian. You were immigrants from the US to India and you should have tried to assimilate here. 

  8. SIVA E,

    Hi ,
    I read all your blogs and found it very informative.
    Many of my friends in the last 12-18 months have moved back to India after being in US for 10-15 years and I did not get that much information like your blog.
    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work

  9. ss,

    It has been a pleasure to read your blog. I came back to India from 15 years stay in Middle East in 2005 but decided to go to another Phoren land of Canada. I sometimes feel it was a hasty decision and now it is not possible to reverse it. Take your sweet time to decide. 
    Best wishes

  10. I just found your blog, and I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be a valuable source of comfort and advice for those like me who are thinking about moving back to India. Thank you for sharing.

    Maybe you can publish this as a book or something 🙂

    • Prashant,

      Hi Aditya,
      Ha! Another Ha! Glad that you are excited about discovering this blog – let’s leave it at that so I don’t get a big head with ideas of a book to my name 🙂
      I’m going to be telling every random person I meet today about your suggestion!

    • ss,

      Seeing the popularity of this blog I am sure your book (if you decide to write) would surely be a hit!

  11. Anette,

    Selfishly, of course, I hope that you move back to the US. : )

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