Nonstop repairs at home after R2I India

Things break all the time in India. Things come out of their factory boxes broken, or are found to be faulty on first use. Things break that you’ve never seen broken. Things that you couldn’t even fathom had anything to break in it will break. We Sherlock Holmed this and found 2 obvious reasons. First, the stuff itself is of a lower quality – This is understandable in a poorer country. We’ll make peace with this. Second, the workmanship is very irresponsible. I’m not sure why people don’t take pride in their work but the constant repairs are frustrating.


Example 1: Faulty light wiring

The ceiling light was installed 2 weeks ago. This was the first time I tried to position it according to my taste and it short circuited blowing the main house fuse. Lesson learned: If it works in any respect, thank your stars and don’t touch it.

PHOTO: I’m up on a 30 pound workman’s ladder shit scared of getting electrocuted:Prashant fixing a new light fixture

Example 2: Broken IFB washing machine and dryer

Everyone agreed that IFB washing machine and dryer were the best. So we ordered them and were impressed when they were delivered on time. Another ‘installation’ team was supposed to come a day after delivery to set it up. So far so good.

The installation team arrived 1 week late after daily phone calls. As soon as they took out the washing machine from its cardboard box, the bottom of the machine fell out along with the main motor. Oops.

I wish I had taken a picture of the bottom falling out but I was too shocked to remember running for my camera. A thousand apologies.

So started 2 weeks of daily calling for it to be replaced. The installation team arrived 4 days after it was replaced and everything was installed. We were relieved that it was over.

Not so fast … on first use, we realized that the dryer didn’t work. It didn’t heat up and the timer didn’t count down. 8 days of daily calling later, the repair team arrived to take a look – both the timer and the ‘programmer’ were broken. He could come back the next day and ‘fix’ it. FIX IT? FIX A BRAND NEW DRYER?

PHOTO: The repair guys tell me that the new dryer is broken – it doesn’t heat up to dry or count down. It just spins endlessly with cold air.
20101118-IMG_6833We called the shop who had sold it to us. He called the IFB repair person in our house. We called the IFB repair person’s boss who pretended to be in a meeting. Then we called the boss’s boss. The boss’s boss spoke with the shop who sold it to us. My mother in law, Meenal and I were all on a call with someone at the same time. Finally it was agreed – the dryer would be replaced.

9 days later it was replaced and reinstalled. But not after the dryer ‘delivery team’ asked us for directions and didn’t show up while we waited. Twice!

1.5 months after ordering, 3 deliveries, 3 installations, 1 repair assessment and countless phone calls later our washing machine and dryer are up and running.

BTW, the dryers in India don’t exactly get hot. They warm up. Live with it.


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