New experience after R2I: Censorship

Flipping through the WSJ Magazine in Delhi, I see this:Censorship in India

Excerpt from the Act:

13.(2) (b) to build up a code of conduct for newspapers, news agencies and journalists in accordance with high professional standards

Goodbye First Amendment and pretty advertisements. Welcome high professional standards.


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  1. Gurmail Gill,

    What is wrong with a nation enforcing its standards and laws?the United States imposes hegemony through draconian means including invasions and bombings. Prohibiting the display of an objectionable advertisement pales in comparison. The so-called “First Amendment” is a US domestic law and has no bearing on life in India. You should resist the temptation to look at the whole world through in America centric lens. For each country has its own laws and they reflect the needs and wishes of that country and its people.

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