MP3 all your music before moving to India

Live Bhangra music in Kurukshetra, Haryana Punjab border, 2010 With a 5.1 Onkyo envelope in my living room, a speaker in the kitchen and one in the bathroom (it helps with dancing in the shower) my place in Boston rocked. All of this, however, weighed a ton. So what, I’ll ship it to India.

No so fast…

Returning NRIs or expats will be taxed on home theater systems even if shipped with a carrier (sea/air). CRAP! I didn’t want to start my India experiment negotiating a bribe with the customs officer.

The easy part

Sold my receiver and speakers, the 300 CD changer and got rid of all the wiring.

The hard part

300 CD changer had 300 CDs. So started the long process of converting them all to high quality MP3s. I used iTunes to painstakingly rip them one at a time.

5 CDs a day. sometimes more. It took weeks. I hated it. At the end, I was 300 CDs lighter.

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