The mother of all moving to India (R2I) checklist

Meenal and I moved to India at the end of October, 2010 and into our apartment in Gurgaon on November 1, 2010. Divided into 5 sections, this post will be a guided tour of Delhi Ledger R2I blog.

PART I     Long ago – September, 2010

Before moving to India or Returning to India

July 4th in Washington DC

  1. Emotional – what’s the point of moving to India or R2I?
    • Why and when we moved to India
    • The heart-to-heart with the spouse before moving to India
    • The talk with family about returning to India
  2. Immigration – Uncle Sam, can I come back to USA if I hate living in India?
    • US Citizenship before moving to India
    • US permanent residency/green card – maintenance requirements while living in India, I-131 re-entry permit BEFORE moving to India
    • Indian permanent residency – Overseas citizen of India visa before R2I
  3. Emotional – What will it take to make us like India?
    • Money and personal finance in India
    • Material things in India
    • Health and sports while living in India
    • Relationships after moving to India
    • Working in India after R2I
    • Intellectual stuff and hobbies after moving to India
    • Emotions and wisdom (touchy feely stuff) after moving to India
  4. Your stuff – sell them before moving to India
  5. Financial – taking care of personal finance before moving to India
    • Banking – U.S. bank accounts, Indian bank accounts – NRE and NRO, linking accounts
    • Credit and Debit cards – charges, exchange rates, setup for international transactions before moving to India
    • 401 K – Adjust deductions, move to IRA after quitting work
    • Vacation balances – using them or cashing out before moving to India
  6. Work
    • Talk to your current employer – pending promotions, yearly salary increase, etc. before setting a date to move to India
    • Moving to India with your current employer
    • Network with Indian employers even before you move to India
  7. Healthcare
    • U.S. health insurance and coverage after moving to India
    • Physical and dental exams before moving to India
    • Local health insurance in India
  8. Other
    • Get an international driving license before moving to India (AAA)

PART II     September, 2010 – October, 2010

Shipping TO INDIA, Flying out AND CUSTOMS IN India

Flying out of Logan with 7 Israeli military bags

  1. Work
    • Goodbye emails at work before moving to India
    • Leaving your current employer before returning to India – final expense reports, backup work computer, cancel corporate credit card, return laptop and other equipment
  2. Healthcare stuff before moving to India
    • Get maximum allowable Rx (including birth control pills) before moving to India
  3. Closing apartment in USA
    • U.S. home utilities before moving to India
    • U.S. postal mail forwarding to your new address in India
  4. Your stuff – what to shop before moving to India
    • Shopping before moving to India – What to buy and ship before returning to India
    • Shipping to India – the process
    • Shipping companies for India
    • Cost of shipping to India
    • Customs in India after your stuff reaches a port in India
    • Customs in India after your stuff reaches your city
  5. Flying out – the last steps in USA before moving to India
PART III     November 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010

first 60 DAYS AFTER moving to India – SETTING UP and living IN INDIA

Meenal painting a hideous green

  1. Emotional – returning to India is too personal an experience to offer you advice
  2. Legal after moving to India
    • Register with the local consulate in India if you are a foreign citizen
  3. Shopping after moving to India – get ready for sticker shock (India ain’t cheap like you left it)
  4. Healthcare
    • Buying local health insurance after moving to India
    • Gym costs and sports facilities after moving to India
  5. Financial – money matters after moving to India
    • Banking after moving to India – Moving money between USA and India, declaring Indian bank accounts with U.S. treasury, getting a salaried account through your employer
    • Foreign and Indian credit cards after moving to India
    • Sometimes, cash is king after moving to India
    • Complicated taxes after moving to India – U.S. and India, PAN number in India (equivalent of social security number)
  6. Work
    • Working in India after R2I
    • Starting a business in India/US after moving to India
      • What is a private limited company in India?
      • Legally owning your new brand in India and USA
  7. Socializing after moving to India
    • Refreshing old relationships after returning to India
    • Making new friends after moving to India
      • Expat organizations to meet other world citizens after moving to India
      • Local organizations to meet fellow Indians after moving to India
    • Keeping in touch with friends in U.S.A. after moving to India
    • Using Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging (Delhi Ledger), etc. to keep in touch after moving to India
PART IV     November 1, 2010 – September 30, 2011

Living and working in India

  1. Emotional – what’s life like after 60 days of living in India?
  2. Social
    • New friends after moving to India
    • Family is everywhere after moving to India
    • The community is different after moving to India
    • People to avoid after moving to India
  3. Work
PART V: October 1, 2011 – October 31, 2011

The Verdict ON the move to India

  1. The heart-to-heart with the spouse
    • Meenal’s thoughts on moving to India, living in India and working in India
    • Prashant’s thoughts on moving to India, living in India and working in India
  2. Available choices for the future
    • Living full time in India
    • Living full time in America
    • Living in India and America by splitting our time in both places
      • Is this possible professionally?
      • Is this possible financially?
  3. The joint press release of Ms. Bagla and Mr. Jeloka – You are all invited


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