Mini R2I case study: Akshay

Akshay in his 'luxury' apartment in MAAnyone who returns to India after a long stint abroad needs to answer this: What will you do for work when you get to India? Continue climbing the corporate ladder? Start a business? Join politics? Inherit a cushy lifestyle? Bum?

Akshay moved to India from Boston in 2010 and has had to answer these and many other questions. Over the course of the last year, we have seen Akshay be there for his family during a very difficult time and shuttle between Ajmer and Mumbai to establish a new career in India. Last month, he moved permanently to Mumbai to become the Senior Geo-economics Research Fellow at Gateway House think tank. He also published his first editorial in the prestigious national newspaper – MINT/WSJ. We are extremely proud.


Akshay, Meenal and I went to college together in Amherst, MA. We’ve been friends since we were teenagers, experiencing many things together – our first jobs, our first beatup cars, first silverware from WalMart, second job, second cars (Hondas obviously) …

Visiting Akshay in his Ajmer, Rajasthan farm in 2011
 Visiting Akshay in his Ajmer, Rajasthan farm in 2011

Vacationing north of Boston
Vacationing north of Boston

Soon after moving to Boston from Amherst
Chilling in Boston, MA

Diwali party in Meenal’s off campus apartment a long time ago
Diwali party in Amherst, MA


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  1. Nidhruv,

    We are indeed very proud of him!!

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