Meenal and Prashant were on NPR!

Sounds from this India experiment were aired on public radio in the US! Sangar ki sabzi, noisy kitchen, our opinion on renting vs. buying – it’s all there.
Read the 2012 article on WBUR and Listen to the 2012 story on WBUR.

Meenal's parent's place, Delhi, 2012. Meenal's mom is center left in Red Sari.Celebrating Meenal’s 2 week old niece. Delhi, 2012.

2 years ago, NPR (Morning Edition) had done a story on couples who were choosing to rent instead of buying a place. See 2010 pictures of our Boston apartment on WBUR and Listen to the 2010 story on WBUR.

Thanks to the very talented storyteller Curt Nickisch for seeking our wise words.


4 local comments so far.
  1. Sk – my conclusion post done! Read:
    I’ll hound Meenal to write her version in a couple of weeks so you get a different perspective.

  2. sk,

    I’ve been following ur blog for a while.
    Surprised to know u r moving back.

    May I ask why?

    • Hi SK,
      Yes, we are moving to the US. We miss our work lives in the US and we miss our friends. Mostly we miss what we knew to be home.
      India offers things that aren’t dear to us. R2Iers who value what India offers will be happier with the move.
      I’ve been meaning to write a longer post about our thinking behind the decision but haven’t found the right way to talk about it yet. Will update once I have a clearer way of sharing my thoughts.
      Thanks for reading.

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