Making new friends in India after R2I

Making new friends in India PHOTO: Party at our place for friends of friends we’ve met after moving to Delhi and Gurgaon. July, 2011.

No, it’s not like your grandmother told you. You can’t just drop by anyone’s house at any time. People work, tend to kids, go shopping, do household chores, catch up on Bollywood movies, travel for work, get stuck in traffic and have family obligations like any other place in the world. Organizing a party or a meet up with friends isn’t much different than America – you have to set a date and let people know in advance (texting is preferred). In some respects meeting up can be harder – people work longer hours, have really long commutes and have many family obligations. Additionally, the city either doesn’t offer many activities to do (outdoors, walking paths, etc.) or we don’t know Delhi well enough. Still, we have started having regular parties …

They are fairly easy to organize with help at home, ordering out some of the food and asking guests for help where required. We serve local wines (Sula/Grover’s/Seagram’s ~$13/Rs.600 per bottle) and local beers (Tuborg $1.5/Rs. 60 for 375 ml, $2/Rs.90 for 650ml). Sometimes I get excited and make a cocktail or two using the local stuff. Aditya S. gifted us 2 stylish candles (the 2 long bright lights in the picture) and they add a lot to the ambience. The small white circles you see in the picture are from a disco ball that I bought for $6/Rs.280 and a flash light for $3.5/Rs.150. Music is streamed from NPR music’s 24/7 channel.

Finding interesting people to attend – now that’s the hard part.

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