Letter to U.S. Congressmen: U.S. debt, exiled African kings and my bank account

Honorable Congressmen:

This email is NOT from an exiled African king asking for your bank account number. I hate hearing about royal problems but it is a compliment to the U.S. economy that even fake deposed kings want to park their fake loot in our bank accounts.


You have the power and obligation to keep the US attractive for these kings. Please CONTINUE PAYING the interest on US debt and other government obligations. If you don’t like high levels of debt, please start paying it down instead of making it a Ponzi scheme where new debt services old debt. If high levels of debt are unsustainable, please cut government spending in defense, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. If lowering our debt requires more money, please raise my taxes. America’s living constitution, intellectually rich colleges, lush green mountains and vibrant economy makes my life beautiful and I expect to share the pain of our joint mistakes.

Speaking of the constitution, an amendment to limit US debt in the future sounds like great insurance. Just make sure that the amount of debt allowed is neither too comfortable nor too constraining. Heck, it may forever keep our government from making dumb financial choices and our children’s bank accounts can remain the envy of foreign kings. Reading our children’s copy of exiled-royal-needs-help would make for a very satisfying read indeed. And a collection of these letters could easily make the New York Times bestseller list of 2050.

Until then, we owe people money. Please use your power to pay it without delay.

Prashant Jeloka


4 local comments so far.
  1. Asim Siddiqi,

    Fantastic photograph!  Where do you get such photogenic subjects from? 

    • Prashant,

      Some of my friends look great as silhouettes!

      • Mathurakshay,

        Haha… Zim is the African King… too funny

      • Prashant,

        Ghanian scammer Zim was seen pondering about his royal exile business while visiting officials in Washington. The billionaire has alluded that he may start targeting wealthy Chinese for help in moving his fake loot and winding down the American arm of the business.

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