Defeating the rats of Mahabharata

A few years ago, Surya of New Hampshire had done a business out of India. He had many tales, one of which included an army of rats, his cables and Surya shouting with such frustration that you could see his blood red esophagus (Surya likes to use fancy words). Such a tale would have awed anyone, and it made me fear for my internet kingdom.

Since I am softer spoken than Surya and too modest to show my esophagus in public, I have encased my internet in 2000 pounds of pure stainless steel. If the rat armies manage to break my defenses, it will be the crowning achievement of their civilization and deserve a movie to celebrate it: The Rats of Mahabharata versus the cunning defenses of Jeloka ji.

A new stainless steel boxMy equipment and the perforated boxThe equipment insideOnly rats with balls of steel beyond this point

A stainless steel box from Chakarpur market in Gurgaon for $5/Rs.250

A new stainless steel box

The box was perforated – to tease the suckers and for the equipment’s ventilationMy equipment and the perforated box

The citizens of RATpur wished they could get a piece of thisThe equipment inside

Let the war begin…Only rats with balls of steel beyond this point


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  1. Gaurav,

    What the hell is all thsi equipment man?
    did you capture it yet?

    • Yes, we caught one sucker. Not sure he was the only one. Either ways, I’m going to keep my stainless steel defenses up. Those ********* are not going to beat me.
      Equipment – Modem, wifi router, NAS server, UPS, surge protector. I’m only showing a few in the picture.

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