Barbecuing UNsuccessfully after returning to India (1st try)

You suburban residents of Boston thought that you’d be the only ones to have it all – a big house, a wooden deck and a barbecue grill. You were mostly right. No big house on a cul-de-sac or the visits from deers on my deck yet. But barbecue I can!

I found something called a Gas Tandoor which seems to do the job, somewhat. It’s a metal apparatus that goes over your existing gas stove in the kitchen. Its got a base with a grill that lets the heat of the gas stove come through. The cover with the black handle keeps the heat in.

Pictures from the first test:



What’s it made of?

You’ll learn not to ask basic questions when you shop here. No one knows. The metal dissipates heat though so some insulating cloth (fire resistant) could help.


If you have a regular gas connection (its harder than going to Walmart and picking up a tank of propane), then you can use your existing stove. Alternatively, you could buy a small gas tank (the tank with the government connection is big) in the open market without the government connection headache. Cheap single burners that will sit on this baby tank are easily found.

Where to buy it:

Some utensil shops carry it. Ask around and you’ll find someone who either has it in stock or can get one for you. I found mine in Kalkaji.

How much:

I paid about Rs. 900 ($20)


2 local comments so far.
  1. Harinder,

    Barbecue in the kitchen! Yea, it’s almost the same as barbecuing on the deck, looking at the woods under open sky in Boston suburbs… We call that an oven 🙂

  2. Anirudh,

    You tried it out before i came to delhi! And I got to eat phulkas!

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