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Quality of life after R2I – Single car crash inside our luxury bubble

We were driving with the air conditioning brushing against our silky hair. Suddenly, we hear a BOOM CRANK HISS and we were stalled. WTF?

Shipping to India & R2I customs duty tips from ‘Gabbar the shipper’

PHOTO: Flying to India with 7 check-in bags (3 excess) bought from the Army Navy store Prashant and I used air and sea shipping for carrying our clothes and furniture to Gurgaon/Delhi before R2I from USA in October, 2010. All the shipping companies were sneaky and we missed not having Gabbar Singh from Shole fight […]

Working in India: Studying government hospitals in rural Rajasthan and Jharkhand, India

Updated February 10, 2011 with Jharkhand details The Job My first project at Deloitte India started a few weeks after moving to Gurgaon. The team is working with an international donor organization and the Government of India to assess public hospitals across 4 impoverished Indian states. Our job is to understand the current state of […]

Work culture in India is weak compared to America

PHOTO: Cyber city in DLF Phase 2, Gurgaon, Haryana where many MNCs in India have offices I had heard that employees in India change jobs very often. Having been here for a month, I’m beginning to see some of the reasons for all the job hopping. My opinions below are derived from conversations and experiences […]

Healthcare consulting feels meaningful after 3 weeks of working in India

As healthcare consultants in India, we work a lot with the government and institutions such as the United Nations to bring basic healthcare facilities to the poor. And by “basic” I really do mean basic – 24×7 support for deliveries, care for newborns, immunization clinics, emergency care, blood storage units, etc. Next week, I will […]

First day at work after R2I in Deloitte India

November 15th, 2010 My first day in the Delhi office. A little anxious, a little excited…I was ready to meet new people and begin my professional experiment in India. 7:15 am – 9:00 am: Commute I finally understand why office hours start late in India. The typical commute to work: 7:15 am – take a […]

Diwali in India is a reminder to celebrate

I’m not religious and don’t celebrate religious holidays. And yet, this Diwali I’m struck by the festive mood – decorating, wrapping gifts and socializing. It is a reminder that celebration is worth the effort. Whether its doing rangoli and pujas for Diwali or a barbeque with your spouse and friends with whom you enjoy living […]