Which alcohol should you buy in duty free before moving to India?

Family in Delhi think that I’m not much of a drinker. Shocking as that may sound to my yuppie drinking friends, the accusation is largely true. And I desperately want a drink. Yes, bolded. So, why the wannabe Gandhian stance?

The problem is with my broken heart – I haven’t seen my love, the New Hampshire Liquor Store, for many months. I’ve tried to make out with the local happiness factory, the yellow and black signed English and Imported Liquor, but it’s not the same. The local yellow/black doesn’t stock good alcohol. When she does, its prohibitively expensive. I even offered to try her grandmother’s recipes but local alternatives, where available, are mostly undrinkable.

Aah, my love NH Liquor Store. How I miss you! Your blue and golden sign beckoning me to drive in. Your baby shopping carts that made me feel like an alcoholic. Your isles upon isles of alcohol. And finally the small bill for services rendered. You were the absolute best. I miss you.

I want to save you, my reader, of a similar longing heart. I have painstakingly collected the prices from NH Liquor store and compared them to Gurgaon and Delhi prices. It will not cure a broken heart, but it will help you make a better choice at the DUTY FREE as you fly in.

If you are Mahatma Gandhi and are not using up your legally allowable limit of 2L when you fly into India, please help me improve my condition! Such a lifeline should never be wasted and I’ll unashamedly ask you to carry some of the happiness juice for me!

$1 = Rs. 47 below

[table id=1 /]

Delhi Duty Free prices in February, 2011



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  1. Anirudh,

    Bootlegger – and he delivers it to your place.
    Of course you may end up with fakes – but a good bet most of the times.

  2. Nathan Hirsch,

    Dear Prashant and Meenal,
    I see now the hidden agenda behind your warm invitation.
    You just want me to get some duty free booze for you.
    Fantastic blog you made. Thanks for sharing your experiences upon returning to India. Each and every entry has been a fascinating read.
    If not earlier, I promise to visit you as soon as you move to Race Course Road. Please consider visiting me in Japan as well!
    Wishing you all the best.

    • Prashant,

      As unlikely as it was, we did see you in your Japanese village – Wakayama. I can’t get into Race course road anymore so you may have to visit us in the quaint village of Gurgaon. The ‘gaon’ in Gurgaon even means village 🙂

    • margo wilson,

      I totally agree. I have learned more from you in the last hour, then any tourist book on India, which I have found to be rather boring. You are talking to those of us who will be living in India. This is LIFE in India! THANK YOU.
      Any suggestions for shipping a large painting?

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