One Year In India

Nov 1, 2010 – Oct 31, 2011

Delhi Ledger is a year long experiment to answer a question that has plagued Prashant’s mother-in-law for a long time – will we make it in India?

We pledge to you, our readers, that we will satisfy the sadist in all of you with morbid details of our frustrations with the Government of India and chest-beating monologues after conquering this spiritual land. If you are here for the first time, please start with our kick ass R2I guide. If you are in a hurry and want to impress your spouse, read our articles on Shipping to India, Cost of living in India and Working in India.

Lastly – feel free to use the stories on Delhi Ledger, posing them as your own, to appear greater than life to your grandchildren. But if you use it in any other way, we will sue your ass in true American spirit.

Enjoy Delhi Ledger!

Prashant Jeloka & Meenal Bagla

Prashant Jeloka

Prashant JelokaI immigrated to Massachusetts as a teenager. I met my wife on the first day of college, got my first real job in Boston after graduating and took the oath a few years later. Life started in the dorm rooms of western Massachusetts and progressed to the yuppie neighborhood of Brookline. As a 30 something with cool aviator sunglasses and a 401k, I am ready for the reverse experiment.

Staring November, 2010, I am a resident of Gurgaon and New Delhi, India along with my wife – Meenal Bagla.

Professionally, I will continue my decade long love affair with design and technology by starting a web consulting company out of Delhi – building beautiful handcrafted websites, helping clients with their digital strategy and launching creative marketing campaigns.


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Meenal Bagla

Meenal BaglaI moved to Amherst, MA for college. Two degrees later, I moved to Boston to start my career.

I loved our Boston life – consulting for Deloitte was great, our friends were close by and we visited NYC over the weekends. Yet, the bee in my bonnet of returning “home” remained. And so, in November 2010, Prashant and I moved to Gurgaon/New Delhi to experience life in India, for the first time as adults and young professionals. An extremely helpful family, a few close friends, and Akshay’s and Sri’s move from Boston to India earlier in the year provided some comfort while taking the plunge.

The move was also easy work-wise, as I’ll continue working for Deloitte as a management consultant out of the Gurgaon office – serving clients in India instead of the U.S.

I hope you enjoy Delhi Ledger!

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