Month January 2011

R2I highlights – 60 days after moving to India from USA

  • I bribed a traffic official $2.13 (Rs.100) at the airport to watch my car so I could run into the terminal and fetch my lost American friend
  • Meenal watched and graded the delivery of a baby (failing grade) as well as a sterilization (near perfect score) in a government hospital in rural Rajasthan
  • A grandmother in the labor room wished that her newborn granddaughter die leaving Meenal speechless. This was the fifth girl in the family as they had been trying to get a son.
  • Our $4000 car needed $650 (Rs.30,000) in major repairs due to a missing drain cover inside our apartment complex
  • We’ve visited family and friends in Mumbai (Bombay), Kolkata (Calcutta), Ajmer (Rajasthan) and several parts of Delhi and enjoyed most of it
  • We’ve learnt to drive on Delhi roads – send a confident ‘don’t cross’ message when you spot pedestrians, beware of vehicles bigger than you, and don’t take people cutting you off personally
  • When I want a glass of water, I have caught myself looking around for the housekeeper
  • We’ve attended several weddings – an experience so boring that I’m contemplating a complete ban on all future attendance
  • After we caught 2 rats in the air conditioning ducts, we’ve experienced no further visits a revisit from the rodent
  • We came very close to fatal traffic accident and each of the 5 passengers treated the incident as a minor annoyance

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Delhi Winters – sunny and balmy or cold and foggy

Sunny and balmy

  • Show some skin while sitting in the sun (guys only please)
  • Sun yourself some more
  • Feel guilty about the giddy happiness and drag yourself to work

Delhi Winters: When there is no fog, the sun is beautiful

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Tweets R2I tweets on January 15th

Driver driving, NPR Tiny Desk Concert playing – Meenal complaining about volume, 2 laptops online with Tata Photon data card. Life in the motherland. #

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Terry Gross, Ira Glass and Peter Sagal – my car in India has NPR!

National Public Radio in IndiaPHOTO: Prashant Jeloka worships these NPR shows, even in India!

I can say with confidence that I will give up many food items before I give up NPR. Thankfully, my lean (and sexy) body will not need to become leaner (and sexier). My car in India now plays National Public Radio!

How can you do the same (even though World Space went bankrupt)?

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